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Impact Goals

Our impact campaign centers around revealing the “big deal.” Our goals for the campaign are:

Spark more nuanced and textured conversations about identity, authenticity, and wellness in an effort to greatly improve the lives of tens of millions living in the U.S. facing hair loss - as well as anyone who feels ‘other.’

Create a new social ritual where individuals self-check their assumptions and biases before asking identity-related questions, proceeding with sensitivity when engaging with others.

Film Still, Ebony with Director and Producer in background

Get Involved


Andrea, our film’s Director, shares her personal guide for checking your assumptions at the door and how best to engage with compassion and thoughtfulness. Follow this decision tree before you have the urge to “ask a personal question.”


We’re never alone in this journey. So, let’s stay in touch.

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Jump into the conversation with us about hair, identity, and mental health. Share how you connected with the film and encourage others to watch. 

Unsure of how to begin? Get our social media toolkit as a guide.


The film touches on many different groups and issues that are in dire need of organizational, structural, and political attention. From insurance coverage for wigs, to healthcare disparities for communities of color, there is almost certainly an issue that you care about and can help to support.

Our Guide to Action (Coming Soon) offers resources and first steps to help you become a valued advocate on the issues that you care about most.


The women in our film have so much more to share from their experiences than what we could fit into the final cut. So we went back and asked each of them to help us curate a Resource Guide, sharing the top resources and tips they’ve found most helpful over the years.

From Ebony’s favorite eyebrow makeup and Margot’s gotta-ask questions when searching for a new wig, to Jillian’s creative outlets for coping with anxiety, we’ve got you covered.


Bring the conversation to your community and use our handy Discussion Guide to spark a dialogue among viewers around the film’s core themes of identity, authenticity, health, and wellbeing.


From $1 to $1,000, any amount makes a difference. The film may be done, but the work of changing minds is just beginning. With your support, we can grow our impact, connecting the film to new communities, and ensuring people live healthier, more authentic lives.

Donations of $200 or more are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, IFP Chicago. Head to Head is not an IFP Chicago project or program.

I laughed, I cried, I felt all the things these women shared in this film! If you have Alopecia or any autoimmune for that matter, it’s a moving documentary that captures the grief and heartache of this type of loss.

Leslie Rykken
Lost Hair Artist, @AlopeciaArt

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